Cardiovascular conditioning
What do you like to do? Walk, run, swim, bike, hike? Any continuous aerobic activity will strengthen your cardiovascular system, if it’s performed at the right frequency and intensity for you.

Strength training
Want to reshape your body? Build some muscle and you’ll also rev up your metabolism, keep your bones strong and protect your joints. Not to mention look and feel great!

Feel tight and stiff? Flexibility is like strength—you have to train for it to have it. Flexible muscles and connective tissue are your best protection against injury, in sports or in daily life.

Nutritional consulting
Are you confused by the abundance of food choices surrounding us? Fast food, processed food, sugars, carbs, fad’s overwhelming. Regain control, and learn about high quality fuel choices for the one and only body you have. 

Kitchen & pantry organization
Have trouble planning and preparing simple, healthy meals? It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need quality foods on hand...otherwise, what happens? You call for carry-out!  Reorganize your kitchen and plan for nutrition success.

Travel workouts
Most hotels today have adequate exercise equipment on site, but if you're not sure what to do in those mini gyms, it can be intimidating.  Or would you like to have a quick, efficient workout you can do right in your own room?  It's easy with bands and your own body weight!

I train clients in my home studio.

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