Christy's clients say...

Christy is a fantastic personal trainer.  Her passion is your health and fitness.  She provides motivation and guidance.  She’s hard on you when you need it, and makes getting stronger fun!

--K.P., age 39 

I first started working with Christy not long after I graduated from college and was transitioning into a new career.  The sessions were perfectly tailored to my needs, abilities, and goals, and Christy is constantly coming up with new ideas to keep workouts fun, fresh and challenging.  She helped me to successfully incorporate exercise and physical fitness into my life, and make a regular exercise schedule a consistent part of my week.  With her guidance, I have been able to create a balanced healthy lifestyle that has allowed me to increase my energy level and effectively manage the stress of work and graduate school.  Christy encouraged me to experiment on my own with different activities, and I am now an avid long distance runner and yoga enthusiast as a result of her inspiration!  It has truly been a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her!
--K.L., age 23

Having exercised using DVDs for years, it took me several months after meeting Christy to convince myself that I should invest in training with her.  My goal was to have Christy develop a program of resistance exercises that I could use independently.  Christy did that and more for me.  I love the program she developed, and I continue to increase weights.  I am stronger and firmer.  Christy gave me valuable nutrition guidance and inspiration plus recommended other exercise alternatives for me.  My goal now is to do some refresher sessions with her.  This was time and money well spent! 

--S.Z., age 62

I find Christy to be very knowledgeable and professional.  She takes her vocation seriously, and yet she brings her wonderful sense of humor to our workouts to make them fun, and at the same time challenging.  She stays up-to-date with what is currently going on in her field, and she frequently shares information with me that is relevant to my situation. I recommend Christy to anyone who is interested in improving their strength, endurance, and overall health.  She is a wonderful trainer. 
--J. L., age 56



This is my second year training with Christy.  I have absolutely seen a huge difference in my balance and strength.  I am sleeping better and overall I feel better.  Strengthening my "core" and understanding the role that your muscle strength plays in your overall health enables me to be a healthier and more fit person.  Before I started with Christy, I had constant sciatica pain.  Although it may never totally disappear, the strength training has almost eliminated the pain. Christy is such a positive motivator and a really great person to have in your life.
--C.J., age 58

I met Christy Edwards of Aurora Fitness at a women's business meeting.  I immediately liked her enthusiasm, dedication, and easy-going style.  Christy was very flexible with my work schedule, so it was easy to set up a routine that worked for me.  After discussing my goals with Christy, she designed a weight training routine to meet my needs.  In addition, she prepared an instructional sheet that would help me with my weight training routine at home.  My initial goal was to firm up, particularly my arms.  After working with Christy, I was able to wear a sleeveless evening dress and felt very confident about the way I looked.  Exercise is something I have always done and promoted, but after working with Christy in weight training, my energy and mood levels greatly improved.   I will continue to work with Christy of Aurora Fitness.  I am in my 60's and feel like a woman many years younger.
--C.C., age 68

I have been training with Christy for 18 months and the changes that have occurred both physically and mentally are amazing. In addition to feeling great, I have really toned and taken off inches and dress sizes. I had been going to the gym for years but have never experienced such sustainable results as I have with her. Christy offers a focused, efficient and varied workout program that is both fun and challenging. At 60 years old, I have never felt this healthy and fit and so excited about a workout program.
--B.L., age 60

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